Servant’s Canyon

11 December 2017 - Found in: News
Servant’s Canyon

Servant’s Canyon , is an area of particular beauty thanks  to the rich vegetation present on the slopes and in the valley and for its peaceful atmosphere. It is called “Cava dei Servi” (servant’s canyon) because it is said that in the past this was a meeting place of some friars. The geomorphology is various and it streches from steep rocky cliffs, to flat areas and deep gorges carved by the water of the river Tellesimo River.
You can admire forests of Holm oaks (Quercus Ilex) and Downy Oaks (Quercus Pubescens), and tracts of garrigue, among which is predominant shrubby Thyme (Thymbra capitata), an an aromatic plant from which the famous local thyme honey is produced.
Cava dei Servi” is a quite extended forest park with an easy access. It is located between the province of Ragusa and Syracuse, not far from the typical villages of Palazzolo Acreide, Giarratana, Buccheri and Buscemi.

The length of the routes is about 6 km.

This route does not present technical difficulties, as it will hike on forest tracks.

Easy level.
Wear to wear: Trekking shoes, anorak, backpack, sticks, a t-shirt replacement.




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