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Peloritani Mountains Girasì Path

21 November 2019 - Found in: News

This path begins near the Sanctuary of Dinnammare, located at 1100 meters above sea level.  Just below the Sanctuary, there…

Etna East Mount Scorsone Tour

11 November 2019 - Found in: News

The itinerary will begin near to the Paternò Case Forestali, from there, through the magnificent Cubania wood – Black Pines,…

Cardinale Canyon

5 November 2019 - Found in: News

It is a pleasant path on white dirt roads and old farmers tracks. This time we will discover the Syracusan…

Bberritta Canyon

5 November 2019 - Found in: News

This place charms for its energy and purity. Starting from Testa dell’Acqua, following an ancient path, we will reach the…

Etna North Eruption 2002/03

5 November 2019 - Found in: News

This itinerary will lead us to discover the less touristy but for sure the most interesting side of the volcano…

The Nebrodi Park and its Lakes

15 January 2018 - Found in: News

The Nebrodi Parks and its Lakes! This is a fantastic excursion to discover a wild part of Northern Sicily. Pick up and guide service is included. Every day a tour to discover the Nebrodi Parks and its Lakes is available! Book now!

Altesina Mountain and Morello Valley

1 December 2017 - Found in: News

Morello Valley and Altesina Mountain, although not very popular among tourists, the area is a mix of history, culture and nature. These places are easy to access and it is possible to visit them on a pleasant daily excursion.

Madonie Regional Park

1 December 2017 - Found in: News

Not far from Palermo there is located Madonie Regional Park. These places can be considered the essence of the Mediterranean mountains of Sicily. The area is ideal for those who wish to spend one or more days walking and/or relaxing.

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