Altesina Mountain and Morello Valley

1 December 2017 - Found in: News
Altesina Mountain and Morello Valley

Morello Valley and Altesina Mountain, although not very popular among tourists, the area is a mix of history, culture and nature. Since some time my researches are focusing right here, so I discovered some interesting places like the Natural Reserve of Mount Altesina, the Byzantine Village of Calascibetta and the Realmese Necropolis.
Mount Altesina is exactly in the middle of the island, the romans were used to call it the midpoint of Sicily, and from its top it is possible to enjoy the variety of the Sicilian landscape. Not far from here is the Morello Valley with its prehistoric settlements, its byzantine site and a necropolis dating back to 2500 b. c. These places are easy to access and it is possible to visit them on a pleasant daily excursion.

The length of the routes is about 8 km.

This route does not present technical difficulties, as it will hike on forest tracks.

Medium level.
Wear to wear: Trekking shoes, wind jacket, backpack, sticks, a t-shirt replacement.


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