Madonie Park

1 December 2017 - Found in: News
Madonie  Park

Not far from Palermo there is located Madonie  Park. These places can be considered the essence of the Mediterranean mountains of Sicily. The area is ideal for those who wish to spend one or more days walking and/or relaxing.
From here you can take many possible excursions, of various difficulty level, Pizzo Carbonara, Monte dei Cervi, Vallone degli Angeli, anyone could find a suitable itinerary Sicily is like a small continent, so different from East to West that it is hard to consider it an island.
Not to miss a visit the  Madonie villages, famous for their traditions. Besides no one should leave the area without tasting some of the local dishes!

The length of the routes is about 8/ 15 km.

These routes present technical difficulties, as it will hike single tracks and mountains paths

Level Medium High

Wear to wear: Trekking shoes, soft shell, wind jacket, backpack, sticks, a t-shirt replacement.

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