Pantalica Oriented Nature Reserve

The program of the day includes an excursion to the Pantalica  Oriented Nature Reserve.
One more enchanted valley, the one where the Anapo river flows. The river, already well known by the Sicels populations and celebrated by Greek poets, is home to rare species as the Oriental plane tree ( Platanus Orientalis), the Freshwater crab and the Mediterranean trout. The traditional itinerary follows the old railway, now a popular route for hikers. Following the trail it is possible to cross the whole valley from the town of Sortino to the one of Ferla and the other way round. Moreover, it is not to forget Pantalica, a prehistoric site included in the Unesco world heritage list, that with its 5000 tombs looks at the river from above.

Included: Transfer service, professional naturalistic guide.
Not included: Lunch

Informations and suggestions

It is important to be equipped with trekking shoes or at least good sport shoes, a rucksack, a wind jacket and a change of clothes.
It is recommended to wear various layers of clothes.

Program and times may vary due to adverse conditions or force majeure

Pantalica Oriented Nature Reserve

Pantalica, or more specifically the Pantalica Cave Necropolis, is a naturalistic and archeological site in the Siracusa province. The name of this site seems to come from the Arabic Buntarigah, which means “caves”, certainly because of the many natural and artificial caves. This is one of the most important Sicilian protohistoric sites, essential to understand the moment of transition from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age in the island. In 2005 the site has been declared Heritage by UNESCO, together with the city of Siracusa, for its high historical, archaeological, scenic and speleological profile. The various possible trails and itineraries in Pantalica allow to all kind of excursionists to visit the site.

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