Bberritta Canyon

5 November 2019 - Found in: News
Bberritta Canyon

This place fascinates with its energy and purity. Starting from Testa dell’Acqua, following an ancient path, we will reach the ruins of the Bordonali Houses, an ancient stairway will take us to the Cava Bberritta, in front of its splendid spring. The vegetation is characterized by ancient specimens of Quercus Ilex, the typical evergreen oak called Ilice. The dense wood is a pleasant and mystical place. Then along the same staircase, we will reach our starting point. At the end of the walk we will visit Paola and Giovanni. Tasting of fresh ricotta and scacciae netine, caponata, salami, vegetable fritters. Water, wine and cannoli. All prepared at home with zero km products!

The length of the route is about 5 km. Short but technically demanding

This route does not present technical difficulties, as it will travel on dirt roads, and on forest tracks.

Easy Level

Wear to wear: Hiking shoes, anorak, backpack, sticks, a t-shirt replacement.

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