Alcantara River Nature Park

7 June 2017 - Found in: News
Alcantara River Nature Park

Alcantara River Nature Park, to visit and to explore it, it’s an amazing experience. Last saturday, with an english troupe we have walked along Alcantara River Nature Park. There are several itineraries  and many options in order to explore the Alcantara River Nature Park.  Alcantara river, amazing landscapes, good wine, nice walkings. And at the end of this walking, we can spend leisure time, visiting an old sicilian farm. Not to loose, wine, olive oil, cheeses, home made bread and pasta, grilled vegetables, sicilian salami tastings.  Cooking Class on request!

The length of the routes is about 5/8 km.

This route does not present technical difficulties, as it will hike on easy old  trails.

Level Easy
Wear to wear: Trekking shoes, anorak, backpack, sticks, a t-shirt replacement.

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