About me

I am a guide… but also a traveler

I don’t have words to express how she [Sicily] has welcomed us: with fresh green mulberry trees, evergreen oleanders, lemon hedgerows etc.
In a public garden there are broad beds of buttercups and anemones. The air is mild, warm and aromatic, the wind balmy

(Journey to Sicily W. Goethe)

Who am I?

My name is Vincenzo, my adventure in the world of alternative (and responsible) tourism started about 10 years ago… but even before that my passion led me to discover the tiles of a naturalistic mosaic already exalted by many poets, travelers and writers… Sicily.
I am a naturalistic guide, member of the A.I.G.A.E. – Associazione Italiana Guide Ambientali Escursionistiche (Italian Association of hiking and environmental guides).
My aim each time I lead travelers around Sicily, throughout the various landscapes and sceneries, is not only to provide information but mostly to be able transmit my attachment to this land full of beauty and contradictions… but you know… the harder is a place to understand the more fascinating it will be.
My job is a daily journey deep inside this land made of light and dreams. Leading different people for a day or longer, I also share their emotions and life experiences. This builds a symbiosis, which is a source of joy and delight for me and my traveling companions.
So, I am a guide… but also a traveler, a tourist always looking to be surprised… Sicily
My philosophy is to walk into nature as an essential need for our body and our mind, to get to know ourselves and to look around us from a different perspective. Therefore excursions, walks, photography, food, my tours become one single thing called Sicilybynature… Sicily Naturally.
My proposals are: Trekking of various difficulty levels, naturalistic itineraries inside the Sicilian Regional Parks and Natural Reserves, Bird watching, food tasting itineraries, excursions for schools, photographic tours, transfer services, multi-day tour proposals, naturalistic walks.

Sicilybynature! Sicily Naturally…

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